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You might think only professional singers take voice lessons, but there are a surprising number of benefits to studying voice for everyone! Whether you love to sing, love to learn, or are just looking to enhance your self care routine, voice lessons are a great way to unite your mind and body. You can learn a lot about yourself, become more confident, and have a ton of fun!
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The Highest Note Ever?: A Coloratura’s Perspective on the News from the Met
Headlines from the world of opera have caused confusion on the truth of soprano vocal range and ability. A brief analysis of soprano voice types and techniques can shed some light on the subject.
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A letter written to concerned parents whose child hasn't outgrown the dream of becoming a rockstar – and why that's okay.
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Maestro's thoughts on the words of John Rutter.
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Heartland Founder and Artistic Director makes the case for strategic plans that help to sustain the careers artists in our community.
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